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Rather than favoring the religious elite, Jesus chose to spend time with the marginalized. Desiring to emulate our Savior, HOPE has a strategic objective to serve communities that are not open to the Gospel and those that have little access to microenterprise development services. Worldwide, the HOPE network intentionally reaches out to some of the most disenfranchised communities in the countries where we serve.

Serving the Batwa in Burundi

In 2016, HOPE Burundi launched a savings program with the Batwa, an ethnic group that has historically faced discrimination and abuse. Making up less than 2 percent of Burundi’s population, the Batwa rarely own land, and few have access to an education. Many Batwa survive by selling clay pots for less than 3 cents each. Often unwelcome in traditional churches, a large number of Batwa practice animism, a belief system that ascribes spiritual qualities to objects, places, or creatures. Continue Reading…