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Maria Rahmanova

A watermelon farmer, Maria Rahmanova appreciates the agricultural loans from Invest-Credit, HOPE’s partner in Moldova. Each spring for the past three years, Maria has taken out an $800 loan, providing her with capital to purchase the seeds, pesticides, and tillage that help her watermelons—and her business—to grow. Maria uses her profits to help provide for her husband and daughter.


Olga’s products range from uniforms to one-of-a-kind dresses, and she and her 11 employees produce all of it in Chisinau, Moldova.  Despite her custom designs, Olga’s clothing is more affordable than other options her clients could find in Turkey or Ukraine. Olga used her loan to purchase additional fabric and materials to supply three boutiques with her designs. One day she hopes to open boutiques in Moscow.


Iacob’s first passion is ministry, not business.  But in Moldova, his work as a pastor didn’t enable him to provide for his wife and three small children, so Iacob sought a loan to begin raising rabbits.  Iacob purchased rabbits, rabbit food, and materials to construct rabbit cages. Selling rabbits enables him to continue his work as a pastor while meeting his family’s financial needs. He uses illustrations from his business to share the Gospel.