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Fresh Lemonade for HOPE Supporters

We recently interviewed singer/songwriter and HOPE supporter Liz Goodgame, who is donating all of the proceeds from her new album, Fresh Lemonade, to HOPE. We caught up with Liz on the inspiration behind the album, her creative process, and her own history with making lemonade.
Liz Goodgame's cd, Fresh Lemonade
*Through August 31, HOPE is giving supporters a free copy of Fresh Lemonade with every one-time or new recurring gift of $50 or more. Donate today to receive your free copy.

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I notice from your website that Fresh Lemonade was recorded in your basement after an eight-year hiatus from music. Could you talk a little bit about what inspired you to return to music and record this album?

I had a real “call”…it was too clear to ignore. I think God, in his good humor, knew that it was about the only thing that could have motivated me to get back into music.

It was easier for me not to tell anyone what I was doing. At the time it seemed like too much to explain… and I also wanted to have an easy out, in case I got cold feet. When I announced that I was recording, it was a surprise to most people that knew me.

To this day, I don’t really understand how all the pieces came together—at the time my husband was a medical resident, and I had two kids under four. I prayed a lot and God’s hand was all over the process.

As you were working on Fresh Lemonade, did you have a goal in mind for what you wanted to accomplish through the album?

I wanted to create an album that could be enjoyed by many different kinds of people. I hope that my faith is evident in all my songs, but I never intended to write an exclusively Christian album. I would be thrilled if Fresh Lemonade sparked some curiosity.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted my music to help people, more specifically people living in extreme poverty. I was inspired by other artists and musicians that were using their gifts to draw attention to important causes. Initially, I thought that my album would be a compilation of songs that addressed some of the social issues that are close to my heart. But the album took on a life of its own and almost paralleled my thoughts and feelings on social justice…for me, Fresh Lemonade is a celebration of the gifts and blessings in my life.

The opportunity to partner with HOPE was the final piece in the puzzle. HOPE is a Fresh Lemonade kind of organization—they are empowering hard working, creative people to make lemonade in some of the toughest places in our world…and I am honored to play a small part.

Could you tell us about the story behind a particular song?

Free to Dream” is the last song on the album but the first song that I wrote. It was inspired by my two kids, Max and Maggie, and the desire I have for them to dream big dreams. I was struck with the responsibility and challenge that I have as a parent, to encourage them towards the unique purpose that God has for each of their precious little lives.

For the past few years, a family from our church has set up a fresh lemonade stand in front of their house during the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival. They used it to raise money for International Justice Mission. I was inspired by their initiative and family collaboration. “Fresh Lemonade” was my last song, and I wrote it in less than an hour, which is very uncommon for me.

Speaking of lemonade stands, have you ever had one of your own?

Several…all with very little success, most likely due to the below-average product I was offering and a poor marketing strategy.

What made you decide to donate the proceeds from this album to HOPE?

Our church, Willowdale Chapel in Kennett Square, has a strong partnership with HOPE and does a fantastic job of highlighting, praying for, and supporting all of its mission partners. Microfinance makes sense…and HOPE does it right. I also love the enthusiasm I have witnessed—HOPE is a fitting name for this organization.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I love my husband…he fueled this project in many, many ways! Thanks for your constant support and encouragement Ben…and your money.

For more information on Liz, check out her website at lizgoodgame.com.

In Lancaster, PA on Sunday, July 11th?  Meet Liz Goodgame in person at Prince Street Café, where she’ll be providing live music for HOPE’s first annual Card Me Party with Gift Card Giver. Click here for more details.



As Christ’s followers responding to His great love, HOPE International seeks physical, social, spiritual, and personal restoration in places of brokenness. Through Christ-centered economic development, we empower men and women to strengthen their families, build their businesses, and unleash their dreams.

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