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HOPE International alleviates poverty through economic development

By Elli Oswald, Executive Director, Faith to Action Initiative

For Neema, life was a struggle in rural Tanzania. She and her husband were grateful to have just had their first child and found it difficult to even put food on the table.

Like millions of others living in poverty around the world, Neema’s family was especially vulnerable to being separated from one another. This is because poverty is the most common underlying reason children end up in orphanages.

Surprisingly, 80% of children in orphanages and children’s homes have at least one living parent, and almost all have other family members. The reason most children end up in orphanages is not because they do not have family, but because their families are struggling to care for them. Continue Reading…

At HOPE International, we’re always eager to share how God is at work across the HOPE network—but we’re also committed to championing our nonprofit peers. It’s our joy this Giving Tuesday to once again recommend a short list of other nonprofits doing incredible work.

As HOPE has served in contexts of conflict, war, and civil unrest in Ukraine, Haiti, and elsewhere, we have seen firsthand that those who minister in hard places aren’t exempt from the pain of the brokenness around them. This year, we want to recognize five nonprofits supporting the mental and spiritual health of those responding on the frontlines of global conflicts. These organizations’ crisis support and counseling services are essential in helping staff care for themselves and others.

This Giving Tuesday, we’re glad to recommend five nonprofits providing care and crisis support to global workers.

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“Any business is a challenging one right now in Ukraine.” -Serhii, a farmer in western Ukraine 

When Russia began its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ukraine’s economy shrank by about one-third—the largest annual fall in more than 30 years of Ukrainian independence. 18 months after the war began, Ukraine’s economy ministry reported that their gross domestic product grew by 2.2% year-on-year in the first seven months of 2023. 

This is welcome news, but the stark reality remains: It’s challenging to do business in a country at war.   Continue Reading…

HOPE launches new savings group program in Benin. Families in poverty can have a safe place to save, access to loans, and community.

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Dumel Fontaine is a husband and father of three living in Les Cayes, Haiti. He’s always been committed to providing for his family—yet as someone without sight, he’s also almost always been barred from doing so. “My situation was … very catastrophic because I didn’t have a job until now,” he says. “There wasn’t enough clothing and food.”  Continue Reading…

In 2010, Small and Micro Enterprise Program (SMEP) Microfinance Bank, a Christ-centered microfinance institution serving families in Kenya, celebrated a major distinction: It became the third deposit-taking microfinance bank in the country to be licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya. But along with its approval, the central bank issued one caveat: SMEP needed to add investors to its ownership pool.

It sounded like a simple request—yet it proved to be anything but.

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