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Jean Luis Kemdi

Jean Luis Kemdi shares a home with his parents and 10 other family members, and he lives a somewhat typical life for a 12-year-old in Haiti. But he has big dreams for the future. As one of the youngest members of HOPE Haiti’s savings groups, each week he saves 25 cents. When he has saved enough, he hopes to buy a goat to breed. Jean Luis, whose mother is also a savings group member, said he dreams of opening his own business to sell livestock. He also shares the lessons he has learned with others in his family. “I have learned from the group about transparency, trust, leadership, and management,” he says. “I talk with my parents to show them how it’s very important to save money. For example, if you have 50 gourde [approximately $1.24], it’s better to save 25 and use 25.” Jean Luis also places his faith in Jesus Christ. “You can find all you need in Jesus,” he says.