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by Tracy Clark, HOPE Rising advocate

In August of 2012, one HOPE supporter began his exciting journey to use his gifts, talents, and passions to invest in the dreams of families living in poverty. A talented swimmer who’d served as a swimming coach, Zach McArdle put on an IronSeahorse swim and run at his local country club in Buffalo, NY, with registration fees going toward HOPE International. Not only did the event raise $1,050, it also created an opportunity for Zach to share with individuals in the Buffalo area about Christ-centered microenterprise. “I got to talk about a faith-based organization at a private swim club!” says Zach.

Through his travels to Africa, work as a full-time accountant, and interest in Christ-centered microenterprise development, Zach has developed a passion for the work of HOPE International. He decided to put this passion into action by becoming a HOPE Rising advocate.

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