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Two people exchange money

This blog post has been adapted with permission from Money for Ministry’s website.

If you’re anything like us, you’re passionate about the poverty-fighting, Christ-centered work of numerous organizations worldwide. We believe that Kingdom work takes many different forms! But giving to each organization individually can be time-consuming.

If you’ve ever longed for a simple way to support multiple organizations from one account, a personal giving fund, known as a donor-advised fund (DAF), can be a helpful option to consider.

A DAF allows you to set aside money or assets, receive immediate tax benefits, and control when and where you give. Once set up, DAFs streamline the process so you can give with ease.

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John and Grace smile with their arms around each other in their field.

Seeing lives transformed is the joy of our work at HOPE International–and we know it is happening across the globe. In 2021, we administered the HOPE Quotient—our internal survey to measure material, spiritual, social, and personal impact—to almost 300 savings group members served by our church partners in rural Zambia. This model works!  

We also sat down with John and Grace Bender in their home in Ibenga, Zambia. What we learned from them illustrated the transformation we are seeing in the broader lives of savings group members.  Continue Reading…

Joassaint and daughter

At HOPE International, we thank God for the privilege of walking alongside mothers around the world. Mentors and teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs, the mothers and mother figures we serve across the network teach us what it means to love those God has placed in front of us.

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the many ways God moves when we invest in mothers.

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Same mission. Same heart. Same spirit. Same name in two languages. We’ve worked together in mutual partnership for over 17 years, and we are excited that this union is about a Kingdom agenda.

Alex Nuñez, President and CEO, Esperanza International 

HOPE International welcomed Esperanza International as its first network partner in 2005. Esperanza has served entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) since 1995, coming alongside them with financial services, training, and holistic outreach activities such as health services. And we’re excited to now work even more closely with Esperanza through our new leadership agreement!  

Over the past 17 years, HOPE and Esperanza have mutually benefited from shared best practices and technical expertise. With the same mission and heart, Esperanza has strengthened the HOPE network, and we look forward to the ways that they will help shape the way we grow and serve in these key areas. 

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After qualifying for a loan through Esperanza, Flora used the capital to purchase clothing and other goods to sell from her home.

Flora de la Cruz Girón dreamed of starting a business in her community in the Dominican Republic (D.R.). Ideally, the job would allow her and her husband to provide financially for their family, especially while their two children were still young and at home.

While Flora was working one day, selling items along the roadside, a friend invited her to learn more about Esperanza International, a microfinance institution in the D.R. that recently became managed by HOPE International.

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HOPE International | Esperanza official announcement

After more than 17 years of partnership, Esperanza International has entered a new leadership agreement and will now be managed by HOPE International. We’re excited for this opportunity to more deeply collaborate and continue serving men and women in the Dominican Republic! You can read our official announcement below or watch this video from Dave Valle, Esperanza’s founder, and Peter Greer, HOPE’s president and CEO.