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“I can connect with HOPE on multiple levels,” says Marcia Malzahn (pictured above), laughing.

Born in Nicaragua, Marcia was a teenager when she and her family had to move to the Dominican Republic (D.R.) as refugees. Her time there helps her feel a special connection to HOPE’s work with Esperanza International, HOPE’s partner in the D.R.

As a Christian, Marcia says that HOPE’s Christ-centered mission resonates deeply with her. And as she’s spent most of her career working in banking, HOPE’s commitment to offering financial services and training to entrepreneurs and savings group members around the world aligns with her professional experience and passion.

Today, Marcia, who serves on HOPE’s local board in Minneapolis, has forged another link to HOPE. When she received the good news that she was going to become a grandmother, Marcia was inspired to write a book celebrating the milestones of pregnancy and how each person is created and formed by God. She also began reflecting on the 394,000 women, mothers, and grandmothers that HOPE serves around the world.

“When I first started this book, the Lord put on my heart that I’m to give away all the proceeds to nonprofits that help moms keep their babies,” Marcia says, acknowledging the many challenges that women, especially those living in poverty, face when it comes to having and raising little ones. “Being a mother is one of the biggest blessings—and it’s also hard work,” she recalls.

Drawing from her own experience, Inside Your Mama’s Tummy invites grandparents to read to their grandchildren about their incredible journey of development before being born into the world. In keeping with what she sensed the Lord was speaking to her, Marcia is giving all proceeds of orders from her book to HOPE and another U.S.-based nonprofit.

Marcia says, “Part of my calling is to help other women be successful—wherever they are in the world.”

To go on a journey with your little one through their nine months of development while also supporting HOPE, order a copy of Inside Your Mama’s Tummy here.*

* Using the link above should auto-populate the discount code box during the checkout process, but if not, enter “HOPE” in the discount code box.


We are now in the third month of the war in Ukraine, with heavy fighting continuing in the east and south of Ukraine where Russia has occupied several cities where HOPE Ukraine operates. Missile strikes continue in Kyiv and other areas across the country.

The United Nations is reporting that more than 5.6 million Ukrainians have now fled the country as a result of the war. And 7.7 million people are displaced internally—most fleeing the violence in the eastern and southern regions. Continue Reading…


It’s now been more than four full weeks of war in Ukraine. Despite Russia’s escalating violence against both the Ukrainian military and civilians, and despite multiple rounds of peace talks and negotiations, there has been no clear resolution.

Fighting continues to be concentrated in southern, eastern, and northern regions. There is a great spirit of unity among Ukrainians, but also great concern as Russia’s tactics grow more ruthless. Almost four million people have now evacuated Ukraine as refugees, and millions more are displaced within Ukraine, having relocated to areas farther away from bombing and Russian occupation. UNICEF estimates that half of Ukrainian children are now displaced, living in an unfamiliar place. Please join us in praying for peace!

HOPE continues to focus on four main priorities: Continue Reading…

Originally posted on Peter Greer’s blog.

It’s been more than a month since Russia laid siege to Ukraine. Their brutal and unrelenting attacks have crumbled historic buildings, laid waste to fertile ground, and devastated families, particularly in Ukraine’s eastern and southern regions. Seventy percent of the entrepreneurs HOPE Ukraine serves live and work in these regions. We’ve spent the last weeks checking in daily with staff members—doing all we can to ensure their safety—and connecting with the entrepreneurs we serve to learn how we can pray for and support them. These men and women have many reasons to despair, but once again, I am surprised and inspired by signs of resolute hope. Continue Reading…

Maria, a store owner, smiles as she holds cookies in her shop.

As HOPE International has walked with entrepreneurs in Ukraine over the last 25 years, we’ve come to cherish the dreams they have for their families and neighborhoods. We’ve seen them use their God-given talents to create incredible businesses that meet the needs of their communities and provide for their families.

Since Russia first invaded Ukraine, the headline images have shown destruction and the anxious faces of men and women who are facing the very real stresses of war. Yet amid the distress and displacement of millions, we remember the names, stories, and dreams of the people we serve. This is personal for us.

Below, we want to honor the entrepreneurship and hard work of the men and women that HOPE Ukraine walks with. As you learn about their businesses and take in their smiles, we invite you to pray for them by name.

Continue Reading…

The war in Ukraine rages on, with the fighting concentrated in southern, eastern, and northern regions. Thus far, Ukrainian forces have strongly resisted Russian attacks, and there is a great spirit of unity among Ukrainians. The United Nations estimates that over 2 million people have evacuated Ukraine as refugees, and millions more are displaced within Ukraine, having relocated to areas farther away from areas under attack. Continue Reading…