by Elena Cret, Field Communications Fellow in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, the Roma community is often ignored by the government and society. The Roma people are seen as a burden, as having very little value. But two years ago, HOPE Ukraine started reaching out to this underserved community. As HOPE Ukraine’s manager for western Ukraine, Pavel, said:

We wanted to serve our community, we wanted to make an impact, and we realized how much the Roma community is overlooked. We wanted to see financial, social, and, most importantly, spiritual changes among the Roma people.

Here are three ways HOPE Ukraine is impacting the Roma:

  1. Savings and credit associations: These are groups of people who save money together, partnering with the local church. Continue Reading…


Sep 14 2017



By Amie Davis, Houston Regional Representative

On August 25, Hurricane Harvey crashed into the Gulf Coast, dropping up to 50 inches of rain in some areas. An estimated 100,000 families have been displaced, with up to 80 percent of those households being uninsured against flood damage. Today, almost three weeks after the storm’s initial onset in Texas, many homes remain underwater.

I live in Houston, and Harvey (and the resulting floods) is still at the forefront of Houstonians’ minds. While I was walking in my neighborhood several days ago, my neighbor and I reflected on how strange it feels to have a dry home to go back to, when so many lives have been upturned. As many Houstonians huddled in their homes, many were protected simply because of where their houses stand. Those of us who’ve been spared by the recent hurricanes in Houston, Florida, and the Caribbean find ourselves in a unique position to use our undeserved blessings to help others. Continue Reading…

A senior at Messiah College, Mahelet has a passion for ministry and sharing the Gospel. Born and raised in Ethiopia until age 16, Mahelet says, “Helping others has always been a part of my life.” She credits her grandparents, who were involved in business, and her mom, who served as a missionary in rural areas of Ethiopia, for their positive influence in her life. Despite her Christian upbringing, Mahelet fell away from her faith in Christ until two years ago, when she recommitted her life to serving Him.

Mahelet heard about HOPE International when President and CEO Peter Greer taught a course at her college. She spoke to him after class and was encouraged to apply for an internship at HOPE. That summer, Mahelet served as the church and community outreach intern.

How does working at HOPE compare with other places you have worked in the past?

“The place I worked before, [my colleagues and I] had a professional relationship. Here at HOPE, I have spiritual relationships and personal relationships too. People are very genuine, sincere, and love their jobs.” Continue Reading…

At HOPE International, we partner with missionary-aligned microfinance institutions, ministries, and churches—equipping them with financial resources, tools, and expertise to reach the underserved in their communities. We do this because Christ-centered microfinance needs many workers. To impact people across the HOPE network, diversity helps us better operate in and impact the diverse world for the Lord.

In 1 Corinthians 12:12, Paul writes,“Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” If the human body is working to accomplish a goal, it is necessary for the different parts of the body to work in unity. The eyes need to communicate with the hands to communicate with the nose. Similarly, if HOPE is working to provide financial services in an area and another like-minded organization is doing the same work, we are much more effective by combining our efforts and working in collaboration and unity. Continue Reading…

When Tinashe Butau in Zimbabwe lost her husband, she was left as the sole provider for her four children. For years, Tinashe struggled to put food on the table. Despite her entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic, she felt that there were no options for her to move forward. So when a respected elderly friend told […]

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By Blake Mankin, HOPE Regional Representative Money is a tool, and when we keep our relationship with money private, it can easily become a second master, keeping us from living lives fully obedient to Jesus. In the West, where open conversations about money often feel off limits, rarely discussed even in accountability groups, this openness […]

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