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Five things you should bring when traveling with HOPE

Red dirt road Malawi

For two months near the end of 2013, I had the incredible assignment to write and take photographs in Malawi for HOPE International. While in the Warm Heart of Africa (Malawi’s moniker), I met some sensational folks. I experienced its beauty. And I witnessed how HOPE Malawi’s church partners are reaching the financially vulnerable.

However, I wish I’d known a few practical tips before arriving.

If you’re interested in traveling with HOPE (or international travel in general) as an intern, fellow, or visitor, here are a few things to take with you …

1. Headlamps. Candlelit dinners may be romantic. But candles don’t go far when you’re brushing your teeth. Or reading your favorite book. For the everyday blackout, I’d recommend the headlamp: Simple. Dorky. And oh-so-practical.

headlamp example

 2. Live-and-let-live philosophy. You and the tarantula in your shower can live side-by-side. Just take that extra moment to inspect your shower. Also shake out your pants. Having a healthy fear makes everyone—you, the tarantula, and any other unidentified varmint—happy. (Confession: we may have killed our tarantula.)


3. Toilet paper. Regardless of whether you are in a rural village or urban mall … you’ll want to bring a wad, roll, or anything akin to paper. Toilet paper  4. AAA skills. Driver’s Ed in Malawi includes being taught to replace a tire. Now I know why. On one trip, I experienced eight river crossings, three flat tires, and two tire replacements. Before you travel, know some basics about auto care. I’m planning to take Auto Care 101 this year.

Car fording stream

5. Grace with yourself. Sometimes you’ll feel grumpy. You’re being inundated with sights, smells, and cultural change. It’s okay to acknowledge this. Actually it’s healthy—otherwise your frustration won’t go away. Pray about it. Sleep on it. Once rested, things will often look better. And if they don’t, give it time. To Peter Greer and Kevin Tordoff—crazy generous leaders who encouraged me to experience Malawi—and my incredibly gracious hosts Sylvie Somerville and Douglas Kulaisi—thank you for the learning experience!

Anna Haggard


Anna Haggard is the executive writing assistant at HOPE International, where she collaborates with the president and the marketing department to share HOPE’s message through print and social media. Anna is a graduate of Asbury University and lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

2 responses to Five things you should bring when traveling with HOPE

  1. Anna, I consider it a true blessing on my life to be privleged to know you and work alongside you. What an amazing young woman you are. Full of grace and oh so talented in a multitude of ways. I appreciated your sharing a bit about your adventure. I also look forward to witnessing what else God has for you in the future. May peace and joy be yours!

  2. You killed your tarantula?!?! Poor little furry fellow. 😉 Well, maybe not all that little…

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