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Three powerful stories of generosity to inspire you

The Haanen family in front of their vehicle

In recent months, we’ve been inspired by examples of meaningful involvement. From the men and women who support HOPE to the families we serve, we regularly hear stories of sacrificial generosity. Below are just three of these stories—each one paired with a few actionable ideas.

Give your extra stuff

When it was time for the Haanen family (pictured above) of Littleton, CO, to replace their 8-year-old van, they realized they had grown attached. The van had served their growing family well—and they wanted it to continue serving.

After donating the vehicle, the family of six perused HOPE’s gift catalog and imagined their van funding the purchase of cash registers, seeds, and sewing machines for hardworking entrepreneurs around the world.

Take a look around your house for things you’re no longer using, imagine all the good they could do, and then part with them, donating any funds you raise to an organization you trust. (This can be a great activity to do with kids!) If you have an old vehicle, stocks, or even gift card balances you’re not using, consider donating them to HOPE through our partnership with iDonate.

Reach out to your neighbors

When many struggled with food insecurity, a savings group (named Mubanga for the tree they meet under) in rural Malawi saw an opportunity to show God’s love to their community. Pooling their resources, they assisted 15 families by providing sugar, salt, flour, and soap.

The Mubanga savings group

Jane Kaira (pictured on right), a community member and mother of two whose care for a child with a disability makes it difficult to sustain a business, shared:

Today, we have a new hope. With Mubanga savings group ministry, we have a chance to prosper and grow spiritually together. And for the first time, I see God’s hand at work to [aid] the marginalized people.

A few ideas for reaching out locally: Check with teachers at your local schools to learn about their classroom needs—from supplies to volunteers. Reach out to those who may not have holiday plans (college students, older neighbors, or families new to the community, for starters). Volunteer your time to help at a local ministry: One specific need may be helping with end-of-year events or communications.

Donate to organizations you trust

Mark Dalton has been a HOPE supporter since 2006, when he began a 16-month fellowship with Invest Credit, HOPE’s partner in Moldova.

“Many [nonprofits] address economic needs or needs of the heart, but few do both and do it as well as HOPE,” he shares.

The Dalton family sitting together on their stairs

Mark works in the restaurant industry, and sales were down 60% during the pandemic when he and his wife, Ashley, reevaluated their giving. Despite economic uncertainty, they agreed, “There are people internationally who are hurting so much more than we are.” In faith and with gratitude for God’s blessings, they responded. “We knew we had to keep giving,” he says.

A donation to HOPE will share the light of Christ and financial services with families hard-hit by the pandemic around the world. Or check out our Giving Tuesday series highlighting several other organizations we recommend.



As Christ’s followers responding to His great love, HOPE International seeks physical, social, spiritual, and personal restoration in places of brokenness. Through Christ-centered economic development, we empower men and women to strengthen their families, build their businesses, and unleash their dreams.

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