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Four ways to pray for the fathers we serve

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Across the world, we see dedicated fathers reflecting our Heavenly Father’s love to their families. Praise God for shaping them into the fathers, husbands, and men that God has created them to be! 

Yet, we also witness the challenges that material poverty poses when it comes to providing for their families, growing in their knowledge of Christ, finding Godly community, and grasping their God-given worth. 

So, as fathers continue to invest in their businesses to better shepherd and provide for their families, we lift them up in prayer. This Father’s Day, we’re sharing four things we’re praying over the fathers across the HOPE network—and we invite you to join us.  

Pray that fathers could provide for their families 

When job opportunities are scarce and traditional banks require lots of collateral, providing for a family requires initiative, creativity, and perseverance. Pray that God would empower fathers to start a new business where there are no job opportunities, bless any current businesses these fathers’ have, and use HOPE to provide them with the tools, training, and support they need to send their children to school, feed their families, and purchase necessary items like clothes. 

For Saidi Sango, loans from his savings group in Burundi gave him access to the capital he needed to build chairs to sell and restart his carpentry business. 

A man stands in front of a building

Saidi in front of his workshop

Before joining the savings group, it was not easy to get money. I struggled to buy clothes for [my] children, we had to eat food given by UNHCR [the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees], [and] I had difficulty to get [a] loan if I needed it. … After benefiting [from] the good things of the savings group and implementing my project, I’ve been able to improve my family life. [My] children can go to school, I buy them clothes, we eat well, and I got friends I didn’t know before.

Saidi Sango

Pray that fathers could lead their families spiritually 

Many fathers in poverty desire to serve their families as spiritual leaders and lead them closer to the Lord. But often, the fathers we serve have expressed feeling ill-equipped to do so—whether it’s because they’re feeling poor in spirit, busy finding work, not yet confident in their Bible study skills, or lacking examples of other spiritual leaders in their communities. Pray that these fathers—through church, mentors, personal study, savings group meetings, or interactions with HOPE network staff—would be equipped with both encouragement and practical steps to be wise spiritual leaders for their families. 

For Vincent Habiyaremye, who owns a construction supply business in Rwanda, this looks like praying regularly with his family. 

A father and mother smile with their daughter outside a shop.

Vincent (right) with his wife (center) and daughter (left)

The [Urwego] bank staff prays for their clients in all meetings. I took the same style. … And it has worked amazingly with my staff and family. Praying before doing anything has become our habit. Therefore, I cherish more than monetary means from [Urwego] even the way of living for my family has been positively impacted.

Vincent Habiyaremye

Pray that fathers could love and serve their wives 

 As models of Christ’s love for the Church, fathers are called to honor their wives and love them as they love themselves. Please pray that as fathers grow in love for Jesus, they would be encouraged to support their wives in new ways—from helping them provide for the family to spending intentional time together. 

 For Theodore Vargas, who’s served by the Center for Community Transformation, HOPE’s partner in the Philippines, working long hours for little pay made it difficult to spend time with his wife and children. But starting a store with his wife, Bernadeth, helped them spend more time together and grow closer as a family. 

A husband and wife smile with their son in a shop.

Theodore (center) with his son and wife

 “Before, we never talked to each other, because we were too busy,” says Theodore. “Kids going to school in the morning, [while I was] coming back from working the whole night. I’d just say hello to the kids … and then I’d go to sleep. And [my wife was] going out, going out to the south to find clients.” 

“Today, our present life is more relational activity at home,” he shares. “Now, we work together with Jesus.” 

We didn’t have time for the family, for my husband, for my kids, for my entire household. But now, I have everything, I have time for my family, for myself, for my business, for serving people. It’s a big difference. Thank God.

Bernadeth Vargas

Pray that fathers would find support in Christ-centered community

For all the challenges that come with raising a family, fathers need a network of close friends who love the Lord and will encourage them when they face challenges. Pray that fathers can find life-giving community in the Church, in their savings groups, and in their community. 

For the “Peace” savings group in South Asia*, reading God’s Word, praying, and saving together have helped neighbors become brothers in Christ.

*location withheld for security

A group of men laugh as they sit in a savings group meeting

The “Peace” savings group meets together

Thank you for coming alongside these fathers in prayer as they work to love and serve their families!  

If you’d like to help more fathers invest in their dreams for themselves and their families, consider a one-time or monthly gift to equip them with Christ-centered financial services. 



As Christ’s followers responding to His great love, HOPE International seeks physical, social, spiritual, and personal restoration in places of brokenness. Through Christ-centered economic development, we empower men and women to strengthen their families, build their businesses, and unleash their dreams.

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