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by Luke Harbaugh, HOPE Church Representative

It’s tempting to idealize a life of isolation. The fiction of total independence, full autonomy, and little to no social accountability can sound appealing. However, Genesis 2:18 reminds us “it is not good for a man to be alone,” and we also learn from Genesis that God created us to function as social creatures, living in relationship with Him and in community with others. When we embrace a life of isolation, we are denying a key piece of our design as humans, but when we embrace community, we come alive more fully.

I got to personally witness the healing power of community when I visited Ishaan and his sister Darsha in South Asia last year.* Ishaan used to live a pretty normal life—he was funny, kind, and well-liked by those who knew him. But one day he started to get sick—and this sickness went beyond physical symptoms. His personality seemed to change.

He stopped eating, and he would barely drink. There were also violent outbursts and anger. Where he once used kind words, there was now profanity and insults. He would cry out randomly, and he would snarl and flail wildly. Completely out of character, Ishaan also stopped working. Continue Reading…

HOPE’s culture is steeped in prayer. Every day, staff members throughout our network boldly make requests known to God on behalf of those we serve. Yet when we seek God’s will for our clients, we don’t just envision an absence of problems. We see God moving into places of brokenness, discord, and shortage with healing, wholeness, and abundance.

Jesus himself urged us to make our requests known to God with persistence and “shameless audacity” (Luke 11). Adrienne Wanner, HOPE’s office manager, wrote the following prayer for our clients (on the right) to correspond with Isaiah 35 (on the left). We invite you to join us in audaciously asking for complete transformation and overwhelming joy for our clients.

Download a printable pdf of this prayer.

HOPE's Prayer