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Jean Claude Kubwayo knew that goats would be a wise investment.

In rural Burundian communities like Jean Claude’s, goats and other livestock can provide a regular supply of meat, milk, and manure for crops. Animal products add nutritional and caloric value to a family’s diet, so simply owning livestock can improve a family’s overall health. Continue Reading…

Living in a rural area of southern Moldova, Tudor Boboc owns one of the largest farms in the region, yet he still knows each of his 150 goats, 30 sheep, and 15 pigs by name, chatting companionably to them as he goes about his daily chores.

But several years ago, Tudor was one of the estimated 1 million Moldovans leaving the country to find better employment opportunities elsewhere. For three months at a time, he lived and worked abroad as a home caretaker, caught, like many Moldovans, in the Catch-22 of leaving his family so he could better provide for them. Continue Reading…


Muti accessed her first loan of $49 from Turame, HOPE’s partner in Burundi, three years ago. Since then, she has taken 11 loans to help grow her business cultivating tomatoes and selling bananas, tomatoes, and goats. She is currently repaying a $105 loan. When her business began, she did not have the funds to raise goats, but now she can feed and fatten them before reselling the goats for a profit. Although her husband passed away, Muti has been able to provide for her three children and three grandchildren. “Turame has helped my family fight poverty,” she says.